Excerpt from Timeout - New York

“This was just from letting people know what we wanted,” says Szish, referring to this black-and-white painting of the New York Harbor. “In Rehoboth Beach, there is one of the most amazing furniture shops I’ve ever seen called J. Conn Scott; you walk into the store and you’re just so inspired,” she enthuses. “We started talking to the owner and explained what we were going for here. One day, he sent us an e-mail letting us know he got this in, and it was just absolutely perfect. It’s almost like having another window on that wall, and it really fills the space.” Although most of the apartment was done on a budget, the nautical signal light from Restoration Hardware (935 Broadway at 22nd St; 212-260-9479, restorationhardware.com) was a splurge. “I think of lighting like I think of shoes,” says Szish. “It’s worth spending the money on something that will be a great accent.”